Do you want shorter waiting time?

Do you have a scheduled appointment at a clinic and would like shorter waiting time? Then you can easily register to get a cancelled appointment at the same clinic. Just login with your electronic ID to get started.

Your original appointment will remain unchanged until you accept a new offer and receive confirmation in the web portal.

You can also reschedule and cancel your appointment in the web portal.

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Get an earlier appointment

Many appointments are cancelled at short notice, and it can be difficult for healthcare providers to find a replacement. That is why Zymego was created.

When a scheduled appointment is cancelled, other patients are automatically offered the time slot. Whether or not you get the offer depends on your place in line in our waiting list and your priority level decided by the healthcare provider.

Reschedule or cancel your appointments

Are you unable to attend your appointment? You can easily cancel or reschedule in our portal.  As soon as you do, other patients will be offered your previous time slot.

Receive notifications with offers

When you receive an offer of a cancelled appointment, we inform you through email or SMS, depending on your choice. You can then login to the web portal to review the offer and accept or decline.

For time slots that are offered at short notice, several patients will receive the offer, and the patient that accepts first will receive the appointment. The other patients will be notified immediately when the time slot is appointed.

Want to check your upcoming appointments?

If your care provider is connected to Zymego, you can easily check the time and place for your scheduled appointments.
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